Interested in a particular aspect of the waterfront’s history? Take a self-led thematic tour to learn more.


  • Arts and Culture

    Learn more about the creative endeavors and bold visions that flourished along the Brooklyn waterfront.
  • Built Environment

    Trace the transformation of the physical waterfront over four centuries.
  • Colonial Brooklyn

    Learn about the rural beginnings of Brooklyn's waterfront.
  • Design

    Learn about Brooklyn Bridge Park's innovative design and mission.
  • Ecology

    Find out how Brooklyn Bridge Park fosters and recreates the area's diverse ecosystem.
  • Economy

    Learn more about Brooklyn's diverse and changing economy, and its deep ties to the waterfront.
  • History

    Dig deep in to the diverse history of Brooklyn's waterfront.
  • Labor and Activism

    Learn about the people who lived and worked on Brooklyn's waterfront, and discover the activist movements that got their start in the area.